Feature Film Winners. Part 9

Justin Spence & James Dodson

Short Film Winners
Dark Comedy - 17:00

Charlie Watts is cheating on his supportive wife of seven years. The subject of his affair is the beautiful Lindsey Cavanaugh. He plans to get rid of his wife, but Lindsey has other plans. And so begins an adventuresome round of plot twists that build to a surprise-filled climax.

Justin Spence has been creating short films since he was a child. He teamed up with writer James Dodson in Austin, Texas to create this award winning short. Justin is currently finishing up a novel titled "Park Cities" and marketing a feature-length screenplay based on this comedy.

A native of Austin, Texas, James (Jim E.) Dodson is a graduate of UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting. In between outlines and scripts, he pays the bills as a freelance copywriter in the oh-so-exciting world of advertising.

Rick Williams & Steven Stone

Short Film Winners
Comedy - 18:20

In this irreverent comedy that puts the cart before the horse, Oz Perkins stars as an obsessive shopping cart wrangler who corrals an innocent stockboy and takes him on a hilarious and bizarre journey through the underbelly of L.A. You will never look at shopping carts the same way again.

Rick Williams presently works in photography at Columbia Pictures. A former Atlanta Braves minor leaguer, Williamsí production credits include The Opposite of Sex and About Schmidt, along with producing a promotional piece for Spider-Man. Silver Cattle is his directing debut. Rick is currently developing his first feature film.

Steven Stone, a Rochester, NY native, spent eight years producing marketing materials at Columbia Pictures. His work in "behind the scenes" production has been seen on HBO, Starz and Showtime. After recently graduating from Emerson College, Steven continues write and develop screenplays and looks forward to producing feature length films.

David Takemura

Short Film Winner
Sci-Fi - 25:00

In Future- Tokyo, a germ-phobic obsessive-compulsive computer hacker meets the object of his desire while under the watchful presence of his holographic companion.

David Takemura is from Los Angeles and works in visual effects for film and television. He has been visual effects supervisor on such television shows as "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Voyager," and "Birds of Prey." This is the first short film he has directed.